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Untitled Drawing by Whisperofleafs Untitled Drawing :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Chase DREAMS not people by Whisperofleafs Chase DREAMS not people :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 1 0 Who I am with you by Whisperofleafs Who I am with you :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 The paw of the broken heart by Whisperofleafs
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The paw of the broken heart :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0
CShalloween by Whisperofleafs CShalloween :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Jay Song by Whisperofleafs Jay Song :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Big shell island waters by Whisperofleafs Big shell island waters :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Mint's rage by Whisperofleafs Mint's rage :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Fern of Bloodclan by Whisperofleafs Fern of Bloodclan :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 2 2 Taken away by Whisperofleafs Taken away :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Reflection of grief by Whisperofleafs Reflection of grief :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 1 0 Avatar for amber by Whisperofleafs Avatar for amber :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Avatar for Knight by Whisperofleafs Avatar for Knight :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 1 2 Avatar for Lola by Whisperofleafs Avatar for Lola :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 AVATAR FOR A FRIEND by Whisperofleafs AVATAR FOR A FRIEND :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0 Wolf-sketch by Whisperofleafs Wolf-sketch :iconwhisperofleafs:Whisperofleafs 0 0


Akise Aru x Reader (Epilogue)
    "_____, there you are! You're late. We're playing a game!"
    "Hey, sorry about that. What sort of game?"
    "Two Truths and a Lie! You have to say three things about yourself. Two of them are true, and the other is a lie. We have to guess what the lie is! Come on, try it!"
    "Okay, er... My name is ____ _____. I am currently in middle school, and, um... My life is perfect."
    "What? Oh come on, you suck at this. We know your name and that you're in middle school, and your life really is perfect! You're as amazing as Yuno-chan!"
    "Yes, that's right, ____-chan!"
    Oh, if only they knew.
    "And so, before 3 P.M., it's free and easy. You may rest in your room or go swimming. Please do not disturb the tourists and residents. That's all, you may go."
    You were now sitting on the sand next to your best friend, Yuno Gasai. She stood straight as a ruler, watching the waves soothingly c
:iconfangirlotaku7:fangirlotaku7 107 96
A Tricksters Tale (LevixDemon!ReaderxEren) 4
    You opened your (color) eyes and were met with the sleeping face of your master Levi. His black locks disheveled, his muscular arms were securely rapped around you torso holding you closer to him. You smiled and moved a lock of hair away from his sleeping face making his eyes flutter open. Upon seeing you his eyes softened, and his lips twitch upwards ever so slightly. He leaned over and placed a small kiss upon your lips before getting up onto one elbow.
    "Good morning." He said and you smiled before burying your face deeper into the fluffy pillows before closing your eyes with a smile.
    "Salutations." You said in a British accent making Levi huff before crawling out of the bed. You watched as he pulled on a pair of black pants, a white button up, a black over coat, and his boots. You looked at him  confused when he turned and looked at you. As if knowing what you were going to ask he turned around and started to tie his
:iconsamfury3:samfury3 165 67
The Words You Will Never Speak (LevixMute!Reader)5
Darkness. I was back in it again. I just knew it would eventually get me, its long claws wrapping around me and pulling me under. It was utterly inevitable. But out of the blue there was a small light. I looked over to it and tried grabbing for it, but it moved away. I looked around in the glow and noticed that my side was all stitched up and then I remembered something. My voice. I shook my head and closed my eyes, screaming as loud as I cold through the darkness.
    "LEVI!" I screamed as a pair of arms held me down. I opened my eyes and noticed that I was in a dark operating room, a light shining down on my figure. I looked at the people and noticed Hanji and some other nurses. Hanji was moving around and she stuck a needle into my neck.
    "It's okay (name). Just hold on a little longer we are almost done." She cooed as I looked down at my opened side and fell back into the darkness.
    "(name). (name) wake up." A voice said as I slowl
:iconsamfury3:samfury3 75 20
Scourge X Reader: Part Two
The morning sky shinned with beaming early day gloss. The city birds chattered with great flare and the hum of rats along the two-lag rubbish brought the scent of a great hunting day. You where off to go meet your most favored leader, Scourge. Although, he told you to meet him first thing in the morning, you wanted to look your best so you ended up spending an hour washing your fur.
Now, clean as ever you walked down the alleyway to the hansom cat’s den. “Oh, ___! Good morning.” The leader greeted you. Shocked by his hospitality to a much lower ranted cat you didn’t know what to say at first.
“Oh, um…G-good morning to you….Sir.” You then stumped down into an awaked bow. Once again butterflies washed inside your body. “You wanted to speck with me, y-yes?”
“Quite.” He dipped his head at a short angle. “Bone and I are going to talk about BloodClan’s future. Would you fancy the idea of joining us?
:iconask-scourge-warriors:Ask-Scourge-Warriors 105 152
Warrior Cats Reader Insert- Loner!Reader x Firepaw
It was sun-high when you went out looking for food, though you had gone looking around clan territory. You've been told not to get around the Clans by your mother when you where still a kit, but with Leaf-Bare not to close, but you had to do what ever you could to find food. You did your best to go unnoticed though the undergrowth as you hunted a mouse. You moved closer and closer towards the small pray, and as soon as you where close enough to pounce you felt something run into you. Letting out a startled screeched you rolled around and swiped a fore-paw at your attacker. The two of you fought, you new you couldn't win. After all this cat must of been a Clan warrior, or at the most likely an Apprentice. The fight ended when your opponent pinned you to the leaf covered ground. Anger burned deep in your (e/c) eyes as you looked up the whoever it was that attacked you. You where shocked to see a rather good looking ginger tom with bright green eyes.
"What are you doing in
:iconpsychostar1993:PsychoStar1993 65 31
BITCH, I'M FABULOUS by Snow-Body BITCH, I'M FABULOUS :iconsnow-body:Snow-Body 976 157 .S I S T E R S. by Snow-Body .S I S T E R S. :iconsnow-body:Snow-Body 754 100 Destruction by Snow-Body Destruction :iconsnow-body:Snow-Body 122 9 [HBD] Wolfe! by Oretsuu [HBD] Wolfe! :iconoretsuu:Oretsuu 116 12 Kagamine Rin Render by HitomaShiko Kagamine Rin Render :iconhitomashiko:HitomaShiko 16 7
You Saved Me. Ciel x Reader Chapter 5
The days seem to pass by so quickly and quietly. In a flash almost two weeks had passed. In the time that you had to yourself you thought a lot about your mother. You wondered if she could see you; if she was watching over you from where ever she was in heaven. You wondered if she thought that you were in good hands or if she missed you.  
Ciel had been busy with clients and business matters. Some days they would come to the manor. Other days he would have to leave to go and meet someone. Rarely did you see him at all these two weeks. You didn’t need Ciel to tell you to keep yourself hidden when guests came to the mansion. You had a ruby red eye that wasn’t natural and scars that covered just about every visible part of your body.
If someone saw you they’d think you had escaped from the local freak show. Maybe that’s where you could have ended up.  A freak shipped off to the local circus where people would laugh at you and beat you. Or even worse maybe
:iconchibigurl116:chibigurl116 110 30
Ciel Phantomhive X Reader A New Tale Chapter 3
       I woke up early the next morning. I couldn't lie, I was ready for the day to be over with. I pushed back the covers and tiredly got out of bed stretchering my half sleepy muscles. As I did I noticed there was a note on my nightstand that said 'clothing has been placed in your wardrobe. Wear whatever you would like.' Curious about what had been placed in the wardrobe, I went and opened the doors. Inside was dresses off all different colors and patterns and girly-er then I could stand. I despised wearing dresses to the point where I would rather cross dress and pretend to be a man then have to wear a dress.
       I shifted through all the dresses till I found a red one with black under-lace. It was the only one that almost fit my style. I took a shower and changed into the dress. Luckily this one had a zipper and it was much easier to put on by myself. I pulled my hair in a bun and went down to the kitchen.
       No one
:iconcomatosedeadromance:ComatoseDeadRomance 45 14
Thug!Levi x Child!Reader: Little light of mine
He was a thug, thief, murderer. All that was just a days work for Levi, being the notorious thug he is nothing fazed him that is what earned him his reputation - he had the ability to carry out hideous acts of cruelty and not bat an eyelid. 
Levi stalked around the dirty alleyways of the underground, this was the place he called home; after being thrown out by his parents he found that the underground could earn him a quick buck. Each time he found himself coming back more and more often he became involved with one of the most feared gangs and climbed up the ladder, from being a new recruit to being the boss all within a year.
The underground was a vast network were criminals could communicate with one another. Everything was on offer here; Drugs, illegal weapons, prostitutes. Everything. And to say that Levi owned a large part of it?
That fact alone disgusted him. 
He hated the life he created for himself but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't pull himself away f
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 748 70


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Out of boredom I have decided too right in this journal.Nothing in my life is really happening right now,though I do have a few announcements.I will not be on often from Friday to Sunday,I will be in Missouri.Since their is no internet there I will have to use my phone and I can not post any pictures.On July 8-I think...I will be going to Florida for a while,though my activity wont die down.XD just wrote this down for me too think about stuff,anyway,nothing.


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